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Fu Doma

Fu Doma KCC English Teacher / Librarian of the Magic Yeti Library

Fu Doma is an Enlgish teacher and librarian from Phortse. She has been with KCC since 2011. Through the KCC English program, Fu Doma teaches English classes on mountain equipment and map and compass terms. She also works as a librarian with the Magic Yeti Children’s Library, a children’s library in Phortse founded as an initiative of the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation that opened in 2009. The Magic Yeti Library is connected to the school in Phortse and Fu Doma engages with students before and after school, mostly children under age 10. She loves working with KCC to teach students the key English phrases needed to communicate with clients and keep them safe. She also loves working with the Magic Yeti library in order to develop programs that inspire children to read at an early age. Fu Doma received her education in Khumjung and in Kathmandu.