Parker Webb | Alisha bahini

June 1, 2015

My sister Alisha bahini. I say sister because that’s part of Nepali culture, and because I truly do view her, and the other girls at the farm, as my sister. How lucky am I? Compared to Alisha’s family, very. From the first earthquake, of 7.8 magnitude, part of their house was destroyed. Luckily, part is still habitable. The other part was, with part of my help, made monsoon proof today. Lots of rubble had to be moved and tin corrugated roofing was placed over where the second floor used to be. Slow, slow rebuilding process. Strong, resilient, wonderful people. Everyone was working with smiles and laughs, always joking.


Graduation Day

February 1, 2015

Well, we survived another year of KCC. Actually, we had a wonderful year this year with no real problems at all. We all enjoyed that aspect of the year quite a bit.

Our graduation was first thing this morning and lasted for a bit over an hour. Several of us were dressed in traditional Sherpa garb and we all enjoyed it.

I had a lot of loose ends to tie up before leaving Phortse early this afternoon. One of the things I did was to say good-bye to my good friend Karma. He had expressed interest in some sun glasses so I gave him a pair of mine. He seemed to enjoy them.

We hiked to Namche Bazar today where we’ll spend the night before hiking all day tomorrow to Lukla. We hope to fly to Kathmandu on the morning of Feb. 3.

Much to write about but a bit tired this evening. I’ll try to catch up another time.

All the best,




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