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Amrit Ale

Amrit Ale Lead Instructor, KCC basic Group

Amrit is a trekking guide and entrepreneur from mid-west Nepal. He currently lives in Kathmandu, where he runs his guide company Himalayan Quests. Amrit founded Himalayan Quests in 2007 in an effort to create off-the-beaten-path trekking experiences for clients. While Amrit started his career as a river and mountain guide in 1999, he soon developed a passion for outdoor education and leadership and taught international students in study abroad programs with outdoor and cultural exchange components. He is a certified instructor with the “North American Outdoor Leadership School” (NOLS), through which he led trips in Wyoming, USA and India from 2001 to 2010. Amrit also works with the outdoor education program “Where There Be Dragons,” which provides 3-month experiential and cultural exchange programs in Nepal, India, and Tibet. His other international experience includes working in the UK for 2 years and earning certification from the British Mountaineering Council, as well as working in some American national parks (Yosemite and Grand Teton) and earning a Wilderness First Responder WMI certification (12 years running). When he isn’t leading educational trips and running his company, Amrit can be found doing humanitarian work. For example, he runs free health camps and mobile clinics for rural Nepali communities, and has facilitated rebuilding projects for schools and health posts affected by the 2015 Nepal earthquakes. Amrit has been with KCC for 7 years and has served as a lead instructor for 5 years. He loves to see his students transform and mature throughout the program.