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April 11, 2015 Update

May 11, 2015

April 11, 2015

Dear Friends,

It has been two weeks since the earthquake shook Nepal exactly one week and a year after last years Everest disaster, dwarfing the magnitude of tragedy that we felt then. The aftershocks continued to frighten people for nearly a week causing many to sleep outside for fear of returning to their homes. This was dangerous at altitude for the elderly and very young who may have been injured. Although the Khumbu fared pretty well aside from some damaged structures, Thame is mostly flattened with 90 percent of houses there destroyed but only 2 casualties.

18 died at basecamp which included 12 Nepali.

I have had a bit of communication with Dr. Luanne Freer of Everest ER who worked three seasons as the KCC medical instructor. She returned to Nepal as soon as she heard the news and has worked the front lines of rescue teams, tending to injured. Her HRA team at basecamp tended to some seventy injuries immediately after the avalanche. The news from Langtang and Manaslu was grim as rescue workers and aid finally reached those areas. Tsering, our KCC building project manager, sent us a dispatch from Langtang where he was on a rescue team and Ang – a seasoned KCC instructor, spearheaded rescue efforts as well. I was pleased to realize that the KCC students who have gone through our ranks were using their mountain rescue and first aid skills as well as their leadership skills to help their own and other communities.

We have also been in communication with Dave Morton of Juniper Fund who was in Thame during the quake. ALCF will continue our relationship with Juniper Fund to support those who lost family members on Everest.

Board member and KCC Director Pete Athans and Liesl Clark, Magic Yeti Libraries Director, jumped in with communicating and helping to assess loss and organize aid. Our Magic Yeti Libraries suffered some damage and the Thame one was destroyed. Pete and Liesl are heading over to do a documentary within the next month or so and will be able to help organize the repairs and rebuilds.

Conrad and I spoke to Willy Benegas, Everest guide and longtime supporter of KCC, who was there during the quake. He left Nepal briefly to organize some aid for those remote areas which were being overlooked. He is returning this week to organize and pay surviving villagers in Manaslu to carry loads of food and aid supplies that were left at the end of the road or far down the valley from where they are needed. This is a good way to infuse money into the economy. ALCF has committed to support this project and will also support aid to Langtang.

Mike Auldridge, a professional builder who has worked on the earthquake safe KCC building, is headed over to Nepal for us on May 15th. Parker Webb, who interned at KCC two years ago and lived for a year in Nepal will join him. They will take stock of the KCC building project in Phortse and assess other damage to structures there. They will also transport emergency supplies.

Board member and KCC Director Steve Mock and his wife Jan are headed over to Phortse on June 5th and will also carry emergency supplies for those areas most in need.

Thanks for your continued support.

April 13, 2015 Update

May 13, 2015

 Dear Friends of Nepal,

The disheartening news of yesterday’s quake left us reeling with the magnitude of this disaster. We heard from some of our ALCF team in Nepal as they continue to respond to the crisis in the capacity that we can, helping to fund emergency aid to remote regions.  It is of utmost importance that you spread the word to colleagues and friends to dig deep with compassion and donate to the ORG or your choice to support Nepal. The quake yesterday added magnitudes of damage to high mountain villages so the relief effort and rebuilding process will take years. Our immediate response has been to allocate emergency funds to four badly affected regions, including Manang, Langtang, Ghorka and Solukhumbu and we are organizing a large building crew including skilled carpenters and masons to visit the Solukhumbu region in the autumn and help rebuild. Our volunteers will donate their time, travel expenses and efforts and funds will go to aid, supplies and salaries for indigenous people. In the months to come, plan a trip to Nepal and spread the wealth of our own lives to those who are less fortunate. It is still a beautiful country with magnificent mountains, valleys with extraordinary people and rich culture. Your heart will fill if you can travel and see first hand that your dollars are reviving the economy. Thanks to all who have already given!

With Kind Regards,


Earthquake Relief

April 26, 2015

April 26, 2015

It is with a heavy heart that I write on behalf of The Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation today. We are deeply saddened to hear the news of a devastating earthquake in Nepal that has destroyed structures and taken many lives throughout the country. The quake caused a catastrophic avalanche from Pumori to sweep into Everest base camp resulting in many injured and dead. We send our prayers and condolences to Nepal and especially to those who have lost family members and homes.


The news from Mount Everest is grim as the earthquake triggered an enormous avalanche that swept down into camp. The aftershocks continue to send smaller avalanches also into and near base camp and the ice fall. Right now, it appears that at least 18 have died in or near base camp. That toll may very well rise as many are still unaccounted for. Also, there were many climbers and guides at camps 1 and 2 above the ice fall when the avalanche occurred. Earthquake-induced movement within the ice fall has damaged or destroyed much of this already tenuous route through the treacherous terrain, the site of last year’s major disaster. It is not yet clear how the route will be rebuilt in order for those above to descend.

The Khumbu Climbing Center (KCC) has many instructors working at and above EBC this year, as always. As far as we can tell, most of our folks are safe. However, our dear friend Chhongba Sherpa – KCC Senior Program Director – was injured at base camp and was flown out by chopper, likely to Kathmandu. Dr. Nima Namgyal Sherpa, our KCC physician, and close personal friend cared for him at EBC and believes that Chhongba will have a full recovery. Dr. Nima Namgyal Sherpa and many others remain at EBC as they are providing support for all of those remaining above in the higher camps. EBC is incredibly frightening as every aftershock or loud sound leads to fear of another avalanche.

We also have some very sparse reports that Phortse, the home to KCC, as well as some other nearby villages were badly damaged. We have no direct reports, though, as the quake apparently destroyed many cellular towers, and presently phone communication throughout much of the Khumbu region is impossible.

The Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation (ALCF) is accepting relief donations that will be disbursed to the indigenous climbing communities of Nepal to help mitigate the loss of life, livelihood or homes. Our infrastructure is in place.

Use the Donate Now button on the lower right side of the website and please share with social media.


Jennifer Lowe-Anker


Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation

June 4th, 2015

June 4, 2015

 Dear friends of Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation,

On behalf of our ALCF board, I want to take a moment to thank you for your generous donation for earthquake relief in Nepal. The situation there is dire since the second quake that devastated many remote villages, killing people and precious livestock and damaging roads and trails that are vital for food supply. There will be many ongoing negative impacts with the arrival of the monsoons this month.

Since the first earthquake rocked Nepal on April 25th, ALCF was able to mobilize immediately with the infrastructure of our Khumbu Climbing School and Magic Yeti  teams. We have sent forty thousand dollars in emergency aid to remote districts of Nepal that were hard hit by the quakes. The money was used to purchase food, shelter, medical supplies and  to pay for porters to carry donated supplies to remote roadless areas. We have also delivered nine large duffels of tents, rain gear and warm clothes essential to survival during the monsoon. Our ALCF team has helped to organize donation transport and allocation for many more donated goods.

With donations that they helped raise, Mike Auldridge and Parker Webb volunteered to travel to Nepal for ALCF on the 15th of May and were able to trek into the Khumbu and provide assistance to many people there including helping the village of Phortse to restore their water and electricity. Mike is now helping to rebuild a school and Parker is helping to rebuild homes in lower regions that were heavily damaged.

This week we will send another twenty thousand dollars and eight more duffels of clothes and tents with board member Steve Mock and his wife Jan who have volunteered their time and resources to travel to Nepal. In the coming weeks, Pete Athans and Liesl Clark directors of the Magic Yeti Library will also travel to Nepal for documentary work and will assist in delivering much-needed aid.

Thanks once again for helping to bring hope and care to those in need in Nepal.

With Gratitude,

           Jenni Lowe-Anker


April 18, 2015

Click the above image to view the full Sherpa Photo Fund gallery. 


Dear patrons of The Sherpa Photo Fund,

      It is one year ago on April 18th that the most devastating Avalanche in Himalayan history took place on the south side of Everest, claiming the lives of sixteen Sherpa climbers. The Sherpa Photo Fund which allowed you to purchase archival prints from renowned National Geographic photographers, sold nearly 4000 prints and raised nearly $380,000. for the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation after the Avalanche. In the year since, we have distributed $25,000. to HRA’s Everest ER for the vital work they do at Everest base camp each year for the Sherpa community. I traveled to Nepal in June at my own expense to meet with family members, offer condolence and assess need. We distributed $150,000. to The Juniper Fund to be allocated directly to the families of deceased climbers over a period of years. The first allocation took place in October with $3,000. going to each of the families. We reserved $50,000. for an education fund to provide college scholarships for children of deceased climbers. In addition, we allocated $2000. toward the installation of safely grounded power poles in Solu after the tragic death of Chewang Sherpa who survived the Avalanche only to be killed by a lightening strike on the day he arrived at his home in Solu. Another $1000. was allocated to Taksindu Primary School to purchase desks and roof insulation. In October, we partnered with The Mazamas to send a small group of crisis and grief counselors to meet with family and community members who had experienced loss. The group was led by Marina Wynton and their seminars were well received and attended. The Khumbu Climbing Center continued for the 12th year, under the leadership of Steve Mock and Pete Athans. KCC has now provided vital technical mountaineering skills to over 1000 indigenous Nepalese. Special focus this year was given to the ice doctors who set the route each year through the dangerous ice fall. For the 8th year, KCC has an exchange with Denali National Park. Mingma Sherpa will participate in a Denali Patrol with Rangers this summer, then travel to Yosemite and Grand Teton National Parks to work with climbing Rangers there. The KCC building is under continued construction with Nepali stone masons having worked through the winter. The Magic Yeti Libraries continue to serve many remote mountain communities. Thanks again for your patronage which made a vital difference in the lives of mountain people in Nepal.



Jennifer Lowe-Anker

We can make a difference! Fundraiser

May 1, 2015


HDRC and I-Ho Pomeroy are combining efforts to raise money for survivors of the earthquake in Nepal. 


At least 5,000 people are now known to have died and more than 10,000 people may be injured in a massive earthquake that struck on 4/25/2015.

Enjoy a meal prepared by I-Ho Pomeroy 

at HDRC’s Community Cafe

302 N. 7th Avenue

Sunday, May 3

Noon – 3pm

ALL proceeds benefit the Nepalese Community 

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