Last night in Nepal

February 5, 2015

 I apologize for not writing much in the last few days.  Honestly, the social calendar has kept us more than busy along with managing schedules for everyone and tying up some loose ends.  It’s been a productive few days in Kathmandu but very busy.  Perhaps the most stressful times are during the bone-jarring taxi drives through rush hour traffic.  Not something for the faint at heart.

Several KCC instructors left today and Rob and I leave tomorrow afternoon.  We’ll fly from Kathmandu to Seoul, South Korea, where we’ll spend the night and part of the day before leaving thereon Saturday evening at about 6.  By traveling east over the international date line we’ll actually arrive in Seattle about 11 hours before we leave!!  We “lost” a day on the way over but will pick it up on the way back.

The remaining western instructors spent the evening having dinner with Krishna and his family at their home.  I traditionally have my first dinner in Nepal each trip with them as well as my last.  We had a lot of good food, lots of laughter, and an excellent “trip ending” cake to celebrate.

Off to bed now for some much-needed sleep.  The trip home will be tiring and I’m already feeling pretty worn down!

All the best,





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