June 4th, 2015

June 4, 2015

 Dear friends of Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation,

On behalf of our ALCF board, I want to take a moment to thank you for your generous donation for earthquake relief in Nepal. The situation there is dire since the second quake that devastated many remote villages, killing people and precious livestock and damaging roads and trails that are vital for food supply. There will be many ongoing negative impacts with the arrival of the monsoons this month.

Since the first earthquake rocked Nepal on April 25th, ALCF was able to mobilize immediately with the infrastructure of our Khumbu Climbing School and Magic Yeti  teams. We have sent forty thousand dollars in emergency aid to remote districts of Nepal that were hard hit by the quakes. The money was used to purchase food, shelter, medical supplies and  to pay for porters to carry donated supplies to remote roadless areas. We have also delivered nine large duffels of tents, rain gear and warm clothes essential to survival during the monsoon. Our ALCF team has helped to organize donation transport and allocation for many more donated goods.

With donations that they helped raise, Mike Auldridge and Parker Webb volunteered to travel to Nepal for ALCF on the 15th of May and were able to trek into the Khumbu and provide assistance to many people there including helping the village of Phortse to restore their water and electricity. Mike is now helping to rebuild a school and Parker is helping to rebuild homes in lower regions that were heavily damaged.

This week we will send another twenty thousand dollars and eight more duffels of clothes and tents with board member Steve Mock and his wife Jan who have volunteered their time and resources to travel to Nepal. In the coming weeks, Pete Athans and Liesl Clark directors of the Magic Yeti Library will also travel to Nepal for documentary work and will assist in delivering much-needed aid.

Thanks once again for helping to bring hope and care to those in need in Nepal.

With Gratitude,

           Jenni Lowe-Anker
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